Week 9/100: Progress is Made in Spurts

This week I was busy working on the paper. I knew that something had to be sacrificed, and something turned out to be Piano time. But here’s something I recorded earlier in the week:


So we’re almost 1/10th of the way to the deadline. I’m clearly making progress, but I wonder if it is too slow. I am beginning to comprehend the scope of the project I have undertaken. When you have no idea how difficult a challenge is, it is easy to have faith in your abilities to overcome it.

Hours spent on music so far:
Week 0: 11
Week 1: 13
Week 3: 21
Week 4: 17
Week 5: 15
Week 6: 4
Week 7: 15
Week 8: 14
Week 9: 1

I have now started the 2nd book in the Alfred’s series. It’s kind of boring, though, so I spend most of my time playing songs I like from other sources.

Currently working on: K545
I have obtained: All the major sharp keys, F major
Goals for this year: Probably just finish K545


One Response to “Week 9/100: Progress is Made in Spurts”

  1. Bryan Carney Says:

    I followed you here from the PW forums.

    Do you want to know what made me laugh? “Goals for this year: Probably just finish K545”

    Why are you doing this? Is it to win a bet? Life is too short to waste 15 hours a week (too little by half, IMIO, to gain fluency) on a bet. That is not the reason.

    Why are you blogging this?

    I started at 23, too. That was an epoch ago – three whole years according to the word on the street. I can confidently tell you, as a person who strives for dilligence, entertains passions, and possesses a higher intelligence, that this blog will either fade away or be renamed “Two years in the study of tragedy.”

    I was fortunate when I found a teacher who never let me forget that everthing in this piano playing game is up to us. I met some of her students who still could not sight-read music on the level of that A.M. Minuet in G after four years of weekly lessons and others whose progress seemed nearly miraculous. I am lucky to have a teacher who showed me we are our choices because they have already chosen us. Those slow students were in the game for a different reason. Of course, they leave with the sad fact time was wasted.

    I was shown what was different between the two groups. The so-called prodigies had an inner mandate to become a pianist and the others only were engaged in a pastime.

    Who are you? Who will you be in two years?

    There you are, learning K.545 after two month’s experience, as did I; here I am working on K.301 with three years and, roughly 2000 hours of time at the bench. I wish I could give you the knowledge you seek but I can only admonish you for making K.545 into a month’s bounty.

    I am spending too much time mouthing-off to you about something I can’t quite bring myself to say. I’ll try: you are in for heartbreak if your soul needs to express itself through the piano and you only allow it a cursory glance out the window to orient itself while you rush to close it.

    Either waste your time by an attempt at rote memorization of 10/12 or devote yourself to competency.

    To me, the person who probably deserves to be told to fuck-off, you are trying to lasso the moon, attempt to move a mountain with your muscles, while defending your effort as a mere lark, a passing inclination to be god-like, and the defense of your honor in a bet.

    Some will see you and say “whatever,” some will approve of your valiant effort because they don’t know the moon can’t be captured nor the mountain made rubble, and some will try to show you what happens to men who think they are omnipotent: they inevitably become wise.

    Such is life.

    BTW, that little Minuet was valuable to me. It was my first expoure to counterpoint. Keep it up and you’ll be able to read through the WTK in a few years. I promise you it will take three to four hours a day, though.

    (Blame my loquaciousness on the adderall and my snarkyness on the mirror you held up to my face.)

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